Scrapbook Page Ideas

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Easter Egg Hunt

Another fun and easy scrapbook page! The Cliptures clipart is imported in to a layout program, positioned and scaled to size. A background color is added to the page. The layout is printed, trimmed, and attached to a background sheet of paper. Text can be added directly in the layout, or, by hand after the page is printed,


- Cliptures: Clipart from Cliptures #48 Occasions 6

- Paper: White for printing layout and lavender for background sheet.

- Scrapbooking glue or adhesive.

- Straight edge ruler, craft knife, and cutting mat for trimming edges from printed layout and cutting out photo openings.


Easter computer scrapbooking ideas

1. Start a new document in your layout program. Change the background color of the layout to a light yellow. (If your program won't let you change the background color of the page, see Adding a Background Color.)

2. Import the Easter rabbit and scale the image to about 4 1/2" tall. Position it in the lower left corner of the page.

3. Import the horizontal egg (Easter 05) image and scale it to about 4" wide. Position it in the upper right corner of the page.

4. Import the vertical egg (Easter 06) image and scale it to about 4" tall. Position it on the left side of the page above the rabbit.

5. Import a second copy of the vertical egg (Easter 06) image and scale it to about 4" tall. Position it on the right side of the page below the horizontal egg.

6. Add any text you like to the page.

7. Print the layout on white paper.

8. Trim the non-printed edges (1/2") from all 4 sides of the sheet.

9. Using a craft knife and cutting mat, cut out the openings for the photos.

10. Photos are positioned, trimmed if needed, and attached from the back of page with photo corners.

11. After the photos are in place, attach the background sheet to the back of the layout. (The photographs will be sandwiched between the printed paper and the background sheet.)

That's it!