Cliptures - PDF Format Clip Art

All Cliptures clip art is now available for download (individual images or in sets) as PDF format clip art! This is the perfect solution for everyone using Mac OS X and software programs like Apple Computer's iWork!

The Pages software program (part of Apple Computer's iWork software suite) is able to use (Insert) PDF format graphics, the same as other common formats like JPG images. And with all Cliptures images now available in PDF format, you can enjoy all of the benefits of Cliptures vector graphics (sharp, high resolution images at any size and with transparent backgrounds too) in a format that is that is simple and easy to use with iWork Pages!

The Cliptures PDF versions are only available downloadable single images or in sets. They are not included on any of the Cliptures CDs.

To use the PDF images with Pages, you simply:

  1. Open or create a new page in Pages.
  2. From the Pages menu, go to the Insert command.
  3. Select the "Choose..." command.
  4. Navigate on your computer to the Cliptures folder.
  5. Select the image or border you want to use.
  6. Click the "Insert" button and the image will be inserted onto your page.
  7. With the graphic selected, click the "Floating" button on the Format bar. (You can move a Floating graphic anywhere you want on the page.)
  8. Click and drag on one of the corner "handles" of the graphic to make it larger or smaller.
  9. You can also rotate the images and apply color adjustments, shadows, and reflections to them too!

That's it!

Cliptures PDF clip art images are all high resolution "vector" graphics. You can make them as big as you want without any loss in image resolution or sharpness. Plus the image background areas are transparent so you can layer them on top of backgrounds, digital photographs, and other graphics too!