Cliptures Sample Image

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If you're not familiar with the differences between Vector and Bitmap graphics, you owe it to yourself to take a moment to read our tutorial comparing the differences between vector and bitmap graphics.

Take some sample Cliptures clip art for a spin! Download the sample pack for your computer and test them with your favorite software program(s).

Cliptures Clip Art Sample Download

Below are download links for both Windows and Macintosh version of both an image and a full page border. Each download includes both illustrations in each of the following file formats:

For Windows: WMF (Vector), EPS (Vector) and JPG (Bit Map) format images

For Macintosh: PDF (Vector) EPS (Vector), PICT (Vector) and PICT (Raster) format images

The samples are compressed in a .zip format so you will need to decompress it once you have downloaded it and before you can try them out.

We've included each of the formats in the sample but the one you should try first is one of the "Vector" format images. If you're on Windows, the WMF format is very common. If you're on a Mac, try the PDF and the EPS format versions.

Here are some good things to try if you're not familiar with "vector" graphics. Start up your layout program, create a new page and then "import" or "place" the sample image.

1. Scale the image so that it's really big and then print it out. (Notice how sharp and crisp the lines stay.)

2. Make the image full page size and print it out. Notice how all the lines stay completely clean and the image quality remains perfect. That's because we draw our vector images completely by hand. (No auto tracing of any kind.)

3. Scale the image so that it's really small and then print it out. (Notice how sharp and crisp the lines stay.)

4. Place the image on top of a colored background or some other object on the page so that it only partially covers it. (Notice that the background around the outside of the image is transparent.)

Sharp images with smooth lines (regardless of size) and true transparent areas in the backgrounds and any inner opening in the images are the core qualities of vector based graphics and the trademark of Cliptures clip art!