Cliptures #49 - Bible Images

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Bible stories come to life through this wonderful collection of Bible clipart! Includes Bible illustrations from both the Old Testament and New Testament in a style designed to be especially appealing for children. A valuable resource for Bible school, church programs, and personal use too.

Includes 150 color illustrations.

List of Illustrations:
Old Testament
The Creation
Serpent and Eve
Cain and Abel
Noah Builds Ark
Boarding the Ark
Noah's Dove Returns
God's Promise To Noah
Tower of Babel
Abraham Leaves Home
God Tests Abraham
Rebekah At the Well
Esau and Jacob
Jacob's Dream
Joseph Thrown In Pit
Joseph the Governor
Moses is Found
Flight Into the Desert
The Burning Bush
Moses is Called
Moses Warns Pharaoh
Plague of Frogs
Israelites Leave Egypt
Moses Parts Red Sea
Ten Commandments
Water From Rock
Promised Land
Fall of Jericho
Gideon (2)
Delilah Cuts Samson's Hair
Samson Pushing Pillars
Naomi and Ruth
God Calls Samuel
David Plays Harp
Samuel Anoints David
David and Goliath
Solomon's Wisdom
Solomon Builds Temple
Queen of Sheba
Elijah In Wilderness
Widow At Zarephath
Chariot of Fire
Naaman is Healed
Johan and the Big Fish
Josiah and Scroll of Law
Fiery Furnace
Writing On the Wall
Daniel In Lions' Den
Lord is Our Shepherd
New Testament
Angel Visits Zechariah
Angel Visits Mary
Mary Praying
Angel Visits Joseph
His Name is John
Trip To Bethlehem
Seeking Shelter
Jesus is Born (5)
Jesus and Angel
Mary With Jesus (2)
Angel Visits Shepherds
Shepherds Visit Jesus
Presentation In Temple
Wise Men Follow Star
Gifts of Magi
Flight To Egypt
Jesus is Lost
Jesus At Temple
Young Jesus
John Baptizes Jesus
Baptism of Jesus
Temptation In Desert
First Disciples
Great Catch of Fish
Disciples Follow Jesus
Water To Wine
Lord's Prayer
Woman At the Well
Jesus Heals Sick
Centurion's Servant Healed
Jesus Heals Leper
Jesus Calms Storm
Jesus Heals Sick
Daughter of Jairus
Woman Touches Jesus' Cloak
Jesus Picks Apostles
Parable of Sower
Feeding of Many
Jesus Walks On Water
Bread of Life
Light of the World
Jesus Heals Deaf Man
Blind Man Healed At Bethsaida
Jesus Praying
Faith To Move Mountains
Coin In Fish's Mouth
Children Come First
Good Samaritan
Jesus Praying
Hunchbacked Woman
Lazarus Raised
Invite the Poor
Parable of Lost Sheep
Prodigal Son
Parable of Lost Coin
Parable of Rich Man
Poor Woman's Offering
Parable of 10 Bridesmaids
Children Come To Me (2)
Jesus and Children
Jesus and Dove
Zacchaeus in Tree
Rich Young Man
Mary's Act of Love
Palm Sunday
Washing Disciples Feet
Last Supper (2)
Garden of Gethsemane
Jesus is Condemned
Jesus' Crucifixion
Mary Sees Jesus
Road To Emmaus
Disciples See Jesus
Angels (10)
Heaven (2)

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