Cliptures #48 - Special Occasions 6

(Digital Download Set)

Format File Size Price  
Windows - EPS (vector) 6.6 mb 12.95
Windows - WMF (vector) 6.0 mb 12.95
Windows - JPG (raster) 31.2 mb 12.95
Macintosh - EPS (vector) 3.2 mb 12.95
Macintosh - PICT (vector) 4.0 mb 12.95
Macintosh - JPG (raster) 31.2 mb 12.95
Macintosh - PICT (raster) 12.7 mb 12.95
Macintosh - PDF (vector) 2.6 mb 12.95

Clipart designed especially for scrapbooking! Holidays and special occasions are always a great picture taking time and here's the perfect clipart for your keepsake photographs! Includes 30 ready made scrapbook page layouts plus over 20 additional images.

Scrapbooking is a great way to create fun and entertaining photo albums that will be cherished by family and friends for years to come and Cliptures makes it so easy!

The ready made pages in this volume are designed so you can print them out and easily cut out the openings for your photos. But that's not all! We've designed these pages with transparent picture areas, so with digital or scanned photos and a compatible software program (see below), you can create entire pages and add your photos right on your computer!

In addition to the ready made pages, this volume includes a variety of additional complimentary images so you can combine ready made pages with custom pages you design yourself!

Cliptures graphics give you the flexibility to make your graphics fit your photos instead of having to make do with the fixed sizes of a rubber stamps or stickers. You can enlarge a graphic to use as a background for an entire page, or, reduce it down to use as an accent! Plus, you can use them over and over again!

If you are already into scrapbooking, but you haven't been using Cliptures computer clipart, you are in for an incredibly satisfying treat!

About the File Formats

What's the difference between vector and raster (bitmap) formats? Find out here! You can also download a sample Cliptures image from here and try it with your software programs.

Cliptures Digital Clip Art

  • Each download set contains a complete set of the same illustrations as a Cliptures volume on CD disc except the set is for a specific file format and is only in color.
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