Cliptures #12 - School 1

(Digital Download Set)

Format File Size Price  
Windows - EPS (vector) 6.7 mb 13.95
Windows - WMF (vector) 7.0 mb 13.95
Windows - JPG (raster) 19.6 mb 13.95
Macintosh - EPS (vector) 3.2 mb 13.95
Macintosh - PICT (vector) 4.6 mb 13.95
Macintosh - JPG (raster) 19.6 mb 13.95
Macintosh - PICT (raster) 9.9 mb 13.95
Macintosh - PDF (vector) 2.8 mb 13.95

Light hearted clipart images for a variety of school (Kindergarten through 6th grade) related subjects. Includes children, faculty, and parents involved in a variety of school related activities and events. Perfect for schools, preschool, and day care centers.

Great alone or the perfect compliment to Volume 13. Includes 150 color images.

About the File Formats

What's the difference between vector and raster (bitmap) formats? Find out here! You can also download a sample Cliptures image from here and try it with your software programs.

Cliptures Digital Clip Art

  • Each download set contains a complete set of the same illustrations as a Cliptures volume on CD disc except the set is for a specific file format and is only in color.
  • You select your preferred format when you place your order.
  • As soon as you complete your order you will be able to instantly download the set(s) you ordered.
  • Each set is compressed as one (1) .ZIP format file. Just download the file and decompress it. Then you will have a single folder containing all of the images. (Each image is in a separate file inside the master folder.)
  • Every set also includes a printable PDF visual index you can print or view on your computer as a handy reference.