Cliptures - Best Clip Art on the Planet!

Are you looking for high resolution clipart that prints sharp, crisp images at any size? If so, you've found it. Welcome to the world of Cliptures clipart. We create our own original artwork you won't find anywhere else! All of our graphics are available as instant digital downloads or on CD disc for both Windows or Macintosh computers. And all Cliptures clip art is available in multiple formats including high resolution, vectored EPS and WMF versions.

About Cliptures Volumes

Cliptures clip art is available in themed volumes. The main theme of a volume might be borders where the graphics cover a variety of topics but share the common theme that they are borders. Or, a volume my be about a more specific subject like holidays or school.

Each individual Cliptures page includes a Preview button you can click to see small thumbnails of all of the images in that specific volume.

About Cliptures Digital Downloads

Cliptures digital downloads include all of the images for a particular Cliptures volume in a specific file format. All of the images are in color and are available in several different formats for both Windows and Macintosh computers. When you order a digital download, you select the specific file format and the computer platform that you need.

About Cliptures CD Discs

Cliptures CD Discs are actual physical CD discs that must be shipped. A Cliptures CD disc includes all of the images for that specific volume, the same as the digital download version.

All Cliptures CDs are Hybrid CD discs that work with both Windows and Macintosh computers from the same disc. (With true Windows files for Windows and true Mac files for Macs, all on the same disc.) When you put the disc into a computer running Windows, you see Windows versions of the files. When you put the disc into a computer running a Macintosh OS, you see Mac files.

Additionally, the CDs include all of the images in several different file formats:
For Windows: EPS (vector), WMF (vector) and JPG (raster / bitmap)
For Macintosh: EPS (vector), PCT / PICT (vector) and PCT / PICT (raster / bitmap)

Although most people will probably only use or need one of those formats, they are all included on the CD Disc versions of the Cliptures volumes.

And finally, in addition to the color versions in all the various formats, the CD Disc versions also include black & white outline (like a coloring book) versions of each graphic in each of the above formats.

So for every unique image in a Cliptures volume, the CD will have 6 Windows and 6 Macintosh versions of each image.

Try a Sample Image!

Not sure which file format you prefer? We have a sample image you can download that includes each of the available file formats for you to try.